Waste-free Wednesday

WEDNESDAY’S WORD: Waste-free Wednesday

Today is my first Wednesday’s Word post and, yes, I’m taking liberties with it. After all, “Waste-free Wednesday” is a phrase, not a word. A phrase that has become a catch-phrase at my daughter’s primary school.

You see, every Wednesday the school urges us to go “waste-free”. Our kids’ recess- and lunch-boxes should not contain any food items like cheese sticks, biscuits, muesli bars, fruit boxes, etc. that are individually wrapped. And, to state the (not-so) obvious, this does not mean you unwrap the munchies and bin the wrappers at home for your munchkins.

Less packaging = less waste that gets dumped into landfill.
Less packaging = fresh food for our kids instead of highly processed pre-packaged junk.
In this case, less is definitely more!

Sure it takes a tad longer to cube up some cheddar instead of giving C1 one of those Stringers. Sure it’s easier to just buy a box of Uncle Toby’s muesli bars instead of making my Honey Oat slice from scratch. Sure I can wrap her Vegemite sandwich in Cling Wrap but isn’t it better to put it in a sandwich box that can be used and reused day after day?

Going waste-free on Wednesdays has made me stop and take stock of our lives. It’s the little changes that can make a big difference.

So I’ve taken up the challenge – and now I’m extending it to you – to go waste-free on Wednesdays. Who knows, it could snowball into a waste-free week…

Some tips on going “waste-free”:
* Buy one of those nifty lunch boxes with compartments so that your watermelon doesn’t turn your ham and cheese sanga into a mushy mess.
* Be prepared. Have a stockpile of possible snacks/lunch ideas so that you’re not running around like a headless chook on a Wednesday morning.
* Get the kids involved. Explain the importance of less waste. Let them pack their snack packs and take pride in their efforts.

So tell me, do you do anything to to live a more environmentally-friendly life? Any tips to share?


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