Spin a Yarn

Have you got a few old T-shirts that are too ratty to donate to charity?
Here’s a fun, eco-friendly way to spend a lazy Sunday “crafternoon”.
Convert said T-shirts into T-shirt yarn. Here’s how:

Lay out your T-shirt on a flat surface. Cut off the hem.

Then, starting from one side seam, cut the t-shirt across horizontally in two-inch strips but NOT all the way to the other side seam. Leave a two-inch margin.

When you come to the top (under the armholes), cut right across. Discard the top bit – they make excellent rags for mopping up kitchen spills!

Cut1 Cut2

Open out the T-shirt so that the UNCUT uncut side seam is facing you.
Cut on the diagonal, going up to the next level.
Keep cutting upwards from every slit below the seam to every corresponding slit above the seam until you get to the end.
See images to the left to get a better idea.

You will now have one continuous thread of T-shirt material.

Starting with one end, pull this material as hard as you can, stretching it taut. It will lengthen and curl inwards, now resembling a rope. Believe me, this step is quite therapeutic!

yarn balls
Roll it up into your first ball of T-shirt yarn. Ditto for the rest of your old T-shirts. All set? It’s time to start crafting!

Hook Crochet



I crocheted this seat cover for an old wooden stool we have.

I’ve also made a T-shirt yarn “necklace” and have seen some amazing crocheted rugs, woven bathmats, bowls and baskets, pom poms…

So tell me, are you a ‘crafty’ sort of person?
What hobbies do you like dabbling in?
And what do you do with your old T-shirts?


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