Change ONE Thing

My Mizunos breathe easy after a workout

My Mizunos breathe easy after a workout

I’ve got to thank my trainer Gaynor (yes, she’s Gaynor, the Trainer – and she’s awesome!) for this post.
For the past four years or so, I’ve been exercising with her every Saturday. In between our Sumo squats, kettle bell swings and hill sprints, she’s always spouting great tips to get healthy.
This is one of them.

You know how it is. Ever so often, you take stock of your life (on your birthday or on New Year’s Eve) and realise there are too many itty-bitty bad habits that you need to kick. You’re piling on the pounds. Having one too many vinos on a night out. Getting zero exercise. Chances are, making big changes seem too overwhelming. So you just fegedaboutit. Until the next New Year’s Eve…

Gaynor’s advice is to pinpoint just ONE aspect of your life that needs an overhaul and make a change.

Sleep tight,  Good night!

Sleep tight, Good night!

For example: Sleep – you’re not getting enough of it.
Decide to go to bed by 10pm latest every night. No ifs, no buts. Wind down at least half an hour before without the TV or phone as distractions. Do it every night until it becomes a habit.

This can apply to any aspect of your life, even your home or relationships. Choose one thing and make a change.

If your house looks like a bomb has exploded, tackle one task – those overflowing laundry baskets, or the cutlery drawer, or perhaps the medicine cabinet with lotions and potions past their use-by date…

Water Way to Go!

Water Way to Go!

This week, I’m trying to drink more water. Not the easiest thing to do since it’s winter in Australia. So I’ve put a two-hourly timer that goes off on my phone and reminds me to drink a glass. Cheers to that!

So tell me, what small change are you going to make this week? What part of your life do you struggle to keep under control?


One response to “Change ONE Thing

  1. This week I’m tackling good sleep habits. Going to bed at 9:30 and giving myself 1 hour to get to sleep. If no luck then I’ll resort to other measures. So far so good. Great idea to tackle one thing at a time.


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