Don’t Bring it Home

CronutBought my first ever Cronut yesterday. You know those crossovers between a donut and a croissant? Flaky layers of buttery pastry, gooey sweetness oozing out of every crumb – and around 8503 calories in every bite. The minute I bit into it, I knew I was in trouble.

Take my word for it, if you want to eat right, don’t bring the bad stuff home.
The TimTams you bought for your kids’ recess will “accidentally” find their way into your tummy. The bag of chips bought at the supermarket in case a friend drops in will mysteriously “disappear”. The six-pack of beer on special at the bottleshop will go down the hatch before the weekend draws near…
So be supermarket smart and Don’t. Go. Near. Them.

Of course the supermarkets are going to place these crazy calories at eye level when you’re wandering through their aisles. Of course the checkout counter is going to have a million “mini-sized” treats to tantalise you when you’re paying your bill. That’s their gameplan. Your gameplan is to resist temptation. Trust me, it’s far easier to avoid buying them at the shop than to stop eating them once they find their way home.

Too good to resist!

Too good to resist!

I made another blooper this week. Spied a “great deal” at my local greengrocer: $10 for five blocks of Lindt chocolate. What a saving! Of course I had to take advantage of the offer. But who’s polishing off the chocolate? Not C1 and C2 – they may have an occasional piece now and again. Not B – he’s got excellent willpower. Yours truly, on the other hand, is making a beeline for a sweet treat as soon as dinner’s done…

Guess who’s going on a long run tomorrow morning..?

So tell me, what’s your Achilles heel when it comes to eating – sweet treats or savoury snacks? What do you snack on when you’ve got the crunchy-munchies?

4 responses to “Don’t Bring it Home

    • Is this “cronut” a new kid on the block or is it just a coincidence that you bought your first ever cronut and my first encounter with it yesterday?

      We had a farewell afternoon tea at work yesterday and guess who were present? Yes, cronuts! Plural.. Some topped with cinnamon and some with crushed nuts.
      I was told they “stop hearts” but definitely didn’t stop me digging into… not one, not two but three pieces! Never been a fan of doughnuts but I had a craving for croissant and I was surprised to find the combination of these two were just divine!

      Will I have one again? Hmmm…??

      “A moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips! “

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      • Hi S! I think Cronuts have been around for at least a year. I think I’m a bit late to the party! I’m just like you – couldn’t care less about donuts but man, I woofed down that entire Cronut in one go.


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