Irish Twins

There must be something in the water here in Australia. Everywhere we turn, we’re greeted by babies and pregnancy announcements. Quite a few of our family and friends are having Baby Number Three! Guess they are taking former treasurer Peter Costello’s advice to have “one for mum, one for dad and one for the country” very seriously! 😉

Speaking of babies, have you ever heard of the term Irish twins? If you’re scratching your head going, “Irish wha…t?”, let me explain.

Irish twins are siblings born within a year (or less) of each other.
No, they are not twins and no, they don’t need to be Irish!
For instance, Daisy has two children: her daughter Amy was born on 26th January 2013 and her son Zack was born 11 months later on 12th December.

I need to point out that the term was originally quite derogatory but is not considered so nowadays.

So tell me, do your know anyone who’s an Irish twin? What’s the age gap between you and your siblings? Did you get along like a house on fire and, if so, did your small or large difference in age have anything to do with it?


4 responses to “Irish Twins

  1. I have 4 kids. The older 2 are almost exactly 2 years apart. They’re 11 and 9 now. The younger 2 are 361 days apart, they are 22 mo and 10 mo now. It’s hectic, to say the least lol

    The term Irish twins was once a derogatory term for the Irish immigrants to America, who were predominantly catholic and didn’t use any birth control. They often had many children very close in age =)


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