A Visit from the Tooth Fairy


You know how I wrote about pocket money and kids last week? Well, money has entered the parenting equation again this week.

You see, Caitlyn lost her fourth tooth this morning. And despite her bleeding gums, she whooped, “Yippee, I’ll get more money!”

Here’s the letter Caitlyn penned to the Tooth Fairy:


It reads: Dear Tooth Fairy, I hope you like my tooth. I have been very sick, I rade (read) a story abote (about) a Tooth Fairy. Love, Caitlyn. (Her tooth is on the pink cushion.)


And here’s the Tooth Fairy’s response that she’ll find tomorrow morning:

Tooth fairy letter

That Tooth Fairy, I tell ya, she’s a fine piece of work. 😉

So tell me, how old were you when you found out the truth behind Santa, the Tooth Fairy & Co? Did you remember getting any money for your pearly whites when they fell out?


2 responses to “A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

  1. I don’t remember getting any money for my teeth so the ‘ truth’ behind the tooth fairy didn’t matter but finding out about Santa and the Easter Bunny was a shock.

    My son still believes in them all aggravated by’The rise of the guardians’. He is still waiting for his first tooth to fall. The promise of the money he will get completely at his disposal is whats more exciting for him. Wonder if all of it, Santa, the bunny,the tooth fairy still retain their magic or is it merely the promise of goodies. And are we as parents not obliged to make it magical?


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