Earlier this week, the Australian media was buzzing over the selfies that Rebecca Judd (wife of AFL player Chris Judd) posted on Instagram – supposedly to promote an organic spray tan…

While some commenters marvelled at this mother-of-two’s “svelte” body, my first thought was, “Gosh, she is too thin!”

Which brings me to my Word for the Week: Thinspiration.
Yes, it’s what you get when you combine Thin + Inspiration = Thinspiration

I’m seeing more and more of this alarming trend. Young women aspire to be skinny stick-insects, with celebs like Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham as “role models”.

Teenage girls are posting photos of these celebrities on their virtual walls the way we used to put up posters of Wham! and Whitney Houston back in the day. This is followed by their “Before” and “After” weight loss photos on social media. A thigh gap and bikini bridge are mandatory…

Which begs the question: why would anyone want to look emaciated?
Shouldn’t we strive to be healthy instead?

So tell me, have you heard the word “thinspiration” before? What trends did you follow when you were young?


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