Everyday Superheroes

Caleb in his favourite Superman hoodie

Caleb in his favourite Superman hoodie

Like most five-year-old boys, Caleb is totally into superheroes at the moment. Spider-Man and Batman rule!
“Mum, are superheroes real?” asked Caitlyn after hearing yet another rendition of her brother singing the Transformers’ theme song.
The short answer was, “No, they aren’t.”

But we went on to talk about what it means to be heroic. I told them about how little things can make a big difference and what it means to lead a meaningful life.

So today I salute the Everyday Hero. People who go above and beyond their humble existence. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things.
They do it without expecting the accolades or adulation.
And they do it without wearing their undies on the outside! 😉

Like Caleb’s favourite Transformers, there’s more to them than meets the eye!
Environmental crusaders, teachers working with the underprivileged, families who take in foster kids, volunteers who roll up their sleeves to donate blood… All of them make a positive difference to our world without super-human powers.

When I was a teen growing up in Bombay, I used to go for a run along Carter Road in Bandra. Each time, I would see this old man surrounded by grubby street kids who he would be teaching. Every. Single. Day. He did it with gusto; he did it with pride; he did it with love. These kids probably never had a chance at formal education, so he fed their thirst for knowledge. To me, he was a superhero.

Our kids are living in the Andy Warholian “future” where “everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”. But are these people famous for the right reasons? Selfies and self-obsession rule. So I’m trying to instil in my kids the need to see beyond themselves. To have empathy for others.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the photo below that went viral. An old man who couldn’t tie his shoelaces was helped by a kind store employee. It’s heartening to hear about people who have a heart.

And for old times’ sake, here’s the theme song of the Spider-Man cartoons we used to watch as kids. Click on the link below:
The Spider-Man theme song from waaaay back!

So tell me, which superheroes did you look up to as a kid? Do you take selfies? Do you know any everyday superhero from your own life?


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