Common Courtesy isn’t Common

Saturday morning. Bumper-to-bumper traffic on Willoughby Road. Caitlyn and I are returning from her piano class. People are driving to the shops, kids’ sporting activities or cafés….

A heavily pregnant woman waits in vain, trying to cross the road. Car after car goes past her without stopping. I count six cars before me. I gesture to her to cross. She smiles at me, a little apologetically, and waddles across.

Turns out, common courtesy isn’t common any more.
They say chivalry died a long time ago, but have we also seen the demise of good manners?
Fifteen seconds. That’s how long it took for that lady to cross the road. Did those 15 seconds make a difference to my life. Nope. Would it have made a difference to those others drivers’ lives? I think not.

Are we playing Mind Your Manners or Scrabble?

Are we playing Mind Your Manners or Scrabble?

We keep reminding our kids to mind their manners, but what about our own etiquette?
Do you ever catch yourself yakking away on your phone even while someone is trying to serve you at a shop? Do you refuse to give way to another driver who is trying to get into your lane? Do you check your mail or messages while you’re at lunch with friends? Do you bother to say “Good day!” to your bus driver or give up your seat for someone on public transport?

So let’s get back to good old fashioned manners. A small kind gesture can make a big difference. As talk show host Ellen Degeneres always signs off, “Be kind to one another!”

So tell me, why do you think good manners are on the decline these days? Any etiquette rules that are a must in your book?


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