Artisans’ Market at the Coal Loader


Respite from the rains at last!
When the sun comes out to play, so do we. Taking full advantage of the full sun, we zipped across to the Artisans’ Market at the Coal Loader for Sustainability in Waverton.

A sight to behold!
There was everything from art, homewares and toys to ceramics, clothing and food made with oodles of creativity and originality. Best of all, all items are sustainably produced, many of them repurposed from old “junk” that would have got dumped in landfill. Just having a chat with some of these innovative craftsmen (and women!) got my creative juices flowing. Hope it leads to some eco-conscious ideas and inspiration…

So have a peek into our Sustainable Sunday with these pictures:

Spinning a yarn – or two!

Marena with her screen prints from Studio Bonnie

Purses and pretty things repurposed from old kimonos using the Japanese Chirmen Zaiku method

Recycled timber stools: From the Back Shed

C1 & C2 enjoying the day at the Coal Loader

So tell me, what did you do on this weekend gone by? Was it relaxing and rejuvenating? Fast-paced and fun-filled? Or chore-filled and chaotic?

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