Caitlyn with her rainbow amigurumi bunny

Caitlyn with her rainbow amigurumi bunny

When it comes to picking a favourite cuisine, B, C1 and C2 all love Japanese. So it came as no surprise that Caitlyn chose a teppanyaki restaurant for her birthday dinner (the party was on another day). The kids love the pomp and pageantry as the chef cooks your meal right before your eyes – flashing flames, flying eggs and fast and furious knife skills…

Thanks to Caitlyn’s birthday, I learnt another Japanese term: Amigurumi (pronounced Ah-me-goo-roo-me) – the Japanese craft of knitting or crocheting stuffed animals. Ami means knit or crochet; nuigurumi means stuffed doll.

Caitlyn had her eye on a cute little crocheted bunny she spotted in the shop window of our neighbourhood homewares store.
The price tag? $31.99.
‘Pfffft!’ I thought. ‘I can make that for nothing.’
I already had all the tools of the trade: wool in every shade of the rainbow (it was a rainbow birthday party, after all), crochet hooks, stuffing…

What I didn’t have was a clue. How I was suppose to make this… thing?!
I’d only learnt to crochet a couple of months ago. Don’t ever ask me to decipher crochet patterns – I’m clueless!
I Googled the brand name as soon as we got home.
And that’s where I learnt that the toy was made using amigurumi.

First attempt which ended up looking like a hat!

First attempt which ended up looking like a hat!

What ever did we do before You Tube videos? I watched all the amigurumi tutorials on repeat. Countless errors and dropped stitches later, I managed to put this together. Far from perfect, but made with love.
Amigurumi 2

Do you know any Japanese terms related to cooking and crafting? Do you like knitting/crocheting? Or is it something your granny’s generation did?


5 responses to “Amigurumi

  1. Hi Al, this is lovely. Full marks to you and I am sure Caitlyn will enjoy it for years to come. I have just finished crocheting a throw – have made all the parts, just need to join them. Will send you the photo when done. Keep it up. It will get easier as you go on.


  2. That’s pretty good! I like the rainbow-colours. A homemade gift is worth much more than something you bought. Keep on going, crocheting is so much fun! And in my opinion it’s not at all something “old-fashioned”. 😉


    • Hi Alison!
      A big “thank you” for your comment on my blog! I’m glad that you like it (even if it’s still under construction).
      I also read a few of your posts (f. ex. about the “F-Bomb” 😉 ). I like your waste-free weekends and as I’m interested in waste prevention, too, I’m sure that I’ll find some inspiration here.

      Best wishes,


  3. Al, that is very sweet. I’m sure C is happy with her new bunny. You are a very patient mom. Did remember Caitlyn on her birthday, Hope she had fun.


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