Taking the Piss

PissPeeing, pooing and farting. My five-year-old son can worm these words into any conversation.

As adults, however, we rather NOT bring up these topics. It’s not decorous. It lacks good manners.
The fact is, we NEED to talk about these things.
So today’s post is all about peeing – when you don’t intend to!

I’m sure you’ve seen all those ads for “light bladder leakage” and thought to yourself, “Incontinence: that’s what the old fogeys suffer from. I’m too young for this problem.” Or, “How embarrassing! What will everyone think?”

Truth be told, one in three women over 35 suffer from light bladder leakage. Just think about it…
The last time you had a big belly laugh, you peed (just a little bit) in your pants.
Your daughter wants you to teach her how to skip, but you’re too nervous that you’ll wet yourself.
Sneezing fills you with dread because it’s not just a cold you’re letting out.
Running a race? No way, José!

While at our boxing session with Gaynor the Trainer on Saturday, our group (mainly mums) soon realised that light bladder leakage is a problem far more common than we previously thought.

It’s a problem that increases ten-fold during pregnancy and after child-birth.
Your pelvic floor supports your vagina, uterus and bowel, and, of course, gives you control over your bladder.
Unfortunately, when a woman is pregnant, her hormones often loosen her pelvic floor. Add a vaginal delivery to this mix and everything has stretched!
I remember when I was heavily pregnant, a fit of sneezing made me wonder: Did my waters just break or have I just peed? Sounds familiar?


So what’s to be done?
Firstly, learn to identify your pelvic floor muscles.
The most common way is this: The next time you’re in the toilet, try stopping your urine mid-stream. If you are able to do this, you are using your pelvic floor muscles.
This should be done only to help you identify your pelvic floor muscles. Do not do this every time you pee!

Next step: Instead of scrolling through people’s Facebook feeds and checking out DIY crafts on Pinterest, take some time to Google “pelvic floor exercises” instead. They can also be called Kegel exercises after Dr. Kegel who invented them.

Last step: Just do it!
* Every time you are idling at a red traffic light, do those pelvic floor exercises.
* Every time there’s an ad break on TV, do those pelvic floor exercises.
* Every time you put on the kettle for a cuppa, do those pelvic floor exercises.

You’re aiming to start with 10 squeezes of that pelvic floor, three times a day.
So do them. Just do them. Do them until they become an everyday habit.

** In case you’re wondering, the term “taking the piss” used in my title is very Aussie. It means “to mock or tease”.

So tell me, do you do pelvic floor exercises? How do you remember to do them?


4 responses to “Taking the Piss

  1. This is just what I am going through at the moment as I am 26 weeks pregnant! Since having my first child, there is a big difference when it comes to this & am worried what the future may hold!! Haha! So lots & lots of pelvic floor exercises for me!! 🙂 xx


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