Trying not to laugh as the kids click this...

Trying not to laugh as the kids click this…

I’m currently reading Biz Stone’s Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind. In case you’re wondering, Biz Stone is the co-founder of Twitter.

While, I’m not on Twitter and have never ever tweeted, I’m fascinated by the concept of having to say something profound yet succinct in 140 characters or less.

So I’ve chosen this Wednesday’s Word post due to its Twitter connection.
The word is Twoosh which is a tweet on Twitter that is exactly 140 characters.
It calls for economy of expression and brevity – something that I definitely lack, if this blog is any indication!

In this book, Biz Stone says, “…I believe the limited length of a Tweet contributed to Twitter’s success. From the start, the character length was one of the most hated and loved and talked-about features of Twitter. In the first six months, we saw the advent of Twitter haikus and something people called “twooshes,” updates that used exactly 140 characters.”

Stone goes on to talk about what I call the ‘less is more’ concept:
Constraint inspires creativity… Embrace your constraints, whether they are creative, physical, economical, or self-imposed. They are provocative, they are challenging. They wake you up… What do you really need to make a life? What can you live without?… What you get in return is the art and craft of editing your own life, weeding out what is and isn’t necessary… In 140 characters, what’s worth saying?”

So tell me, is social media a big part of your life? Are you on Twitter? What’s your handle? What do you tweet about? How do you apply the ‘less is more’ concept in your own everyday life?


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