Recipe: Kale Chips

kale chips
B’s obsession with his cold-press juicer means that we always have kale in our fridge. He adds it to his green concoctions like kale & pear juice; kale, ginger & grape juice; kale, apple & carrot juice… the list goes on. Must be all that “kale is a superfood” hype.

kale1So I had to grab this bargain at my local green grocer the other day: three bunches of kale for $4! As luck would have it, my friend Shumona came over the very same day bearing gifts of some homemade kale chips. Now I’ve heard about kale chips (thanks, Noeline!), but never thought to make them. But after tasting just one chip, I was hooked! They really are moreish.

kale ingredients
Here’s how to make Kale Chips.
1 bunch of kale
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp oil

Preheat oven to 170°C.
Line two baking sheets with baking paper.

Separate the kale leaves from the stems. You don’t need a knife or a pair of kitchen scissors – see how I do it in my (first-ever!) YouTube video below.

In case you didn’t watch it, just grab the stalk with one hand and, in one fluid motion, push upwards with your other hand. There’s no need to throw out the stalks – they can be used to make stock or in any dish requiring beans or asparagus. I ended up feeding them to our worms since we have a worm farm.

kale stalks

Wash the leaves and pat them dry very thoroughly with a tea towel.
If they are too damp, your chips will be soggy. Some sites suggest using a salad spinner to do this, but I don’t have one.

Once dry, massage the oil into the leaves, making sure you get into all the curls and crinkles.
Sprinkle salt and mix again.

Yes, those are my toes, and yes, I am standing on my dining table to click this photo!

Yes, those are my toes, and yes, I am standing on my dining table to click this photo!

Spread the kale leaves onto your baking trays in a single layer – do not overlap.
Put into the oven for 8-10 minutes. Do not let them get brown because this means your kale chips have burnt. And they would taste “yuck” – take my kids’ word for it!

Store in an air-tight container, e.g. a Pyrex glass dish with a lid.
You can experiment with the favours: sesame seeds and soy, Cajun seasoning, lime zest and pepper…

Kale moustache, anyone?

So tell me, have you tried kale? In what form? Do you really believe all the “super-food” hype surrounding kale? What’s your favourite flavouring when it comes to chips?

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