On a Wing and a Prayer

PlanesAll of last week, B was away in Hong Kong and Singapore on work.
The kids missed him sorely – he is the “fun” parent; I am the staid one.

The night before his flight back home, I tucked C1 and C2 into bed and they proceeded to say their Night Prayers.
In our house, we don’t do the standard prayers we used to say as kids.
Remember “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to God my soul to keep…”?
Or “Angel of God, my guardian dear…”??

Instead, we say what I call “from the heart” prayers. Having a conversation with God about our day.
So imagine my shock when Caleb said, “Please bring Daddy back safely and please make sure his plane does not crash.”
Only to be followed by Caitlyn’s, “… and don’t let it be hit by lightning either.”
Amen to that!!!

* The phrases that I’ve used in the title ‘on a wing and a prayer’ probably originated during WW2 when badly damaged fighter planes just about managed to make it back to base safely. It means to manage to get by although in a desperate situation.

So tell me, did you and your family pray together when you were little? Did you say Morning Prayers and Night Prayers? What’s the favourite part of a flight and what place has been your favourite destination so far?


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