The Garage Sale Trail

The ABC Family Sale

The ABC Family Sale

I always wish my home could look like those picture perfect ones you see in glossy lifestyle mags like Australian House & Garden or Home Beautiful. The truth is, if you come over to my place unannounced, be prepared to take “delight in disorder”. School bags on the kitchen floor, Lego, light sabres and Lalaloopsy dolls in the Playroom, dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, a pile of laundry yet to be folded…

But today, my home resembles a war zone. The Garage Sale bomb has exploded and the collateral damage is extensive.
There are little piles of “shrapnel” all over the joint.
Books, baby clothes, bags, shoes of every shape and size from itty-bitty booties to big, badass rollerblades, bric-a-brac. We’ve got candles and candle stands, crockery and cookie cutters, winter woolies and wicket baskets, scarves, and soft toys. Even the garden shed must go!!

Now, this is no ordinary garage sale. No siree! This is the Garage Sale Trail. Note the Capitalisation!
Let me fill you in on the details.
On Saturday, 25th October 2014, anybody (a household, a community, a council) can host a garage sale anywhere in Australia. It’s a collaborative effort that’s been happening across Australia for some years now, but this is the first time I’m participating.
You can register your sale online at and take it from there.

There are so many plus points about this initiative:

Declutter: It’s a great way to stop hoarding things that have no purpose in your life any more. I’ve got pairs of Caitlyn’s shoes that she wore when she was one. She’s now seven!

Eco-friendly: When other people buy your stuff, it means that it is reused instead of being dumped into landfill. All those Wiggles DVDs can teach some new family to sing and do the “Hot potato, hot potato!!”

Social: It connects neighbours who stop by to have a squiz at your stuff and share a yarn or two. I must admit, I don’t know half the people down my street.

Make some money: Enough said!

So if you’re in the Crows Nest neighbourhood, please come on over to our place for
The ABC Family Sale. We’ve got fabulous finds at fantastic prices. Grab a bargain – and a biscuit. Check it out below:

So tell me, have you ever taken part or been to the Australian Garage Sale Trail? Do you like or detest garage sales and flea markets? Are you good at spotting a “find”? Are you a hoarder – do you hang on to stuff?


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