Caleb’s Santa ‘Clauses’

The countdown to Christmas has begun. As you can imagine, discussions and deliberations about Santa Claus are on high rotation in the Rodericks household at the moment. Here are a few ‘stars’…

Caitlyn: I’m glad we’re in this house this Christmas.
Me: Why’s that?
Caitlyn: Because this house has a chimney. Santa can climb down from there into the fireplace.
Caleb: But our big TV will get in the way.
(Thinks for a bit)
Caleb: You know what? I bet Santa has super powers… He is Santa after all!!

Both kids have been “pretty please-ing” us for a Nintendo 3DS for a while now. (Their father tries to steer them towards a PlayStation4). I, on the other hand, have no interest in or inclination towards any more screens in our home. So I did my best to deter them when they put it down on their Santa wish list.

Me: So what are you going to ask Santa for this year?
C1 & C2 (in unison): A Nintendo 3DS!
Me: Hmm, are you sure? There are so many other toys to choose from. Lego, Transformers, Rainbow Fairies books…
Caitlyn: Remember how we asked for a Nintendo DS last year, but the elf who makes gadgets was sick and could not do it?
Me: That’s right, I almost forgot…
(I try another tack, working the expense angle)
Me: You know, a Nintendo costs a lot of money… Maybe you should give Santa some other options.
Caleb: What are you talking about, mum??? Santa doesn’t need to PAY for any toys! His elves make them for free in his workshop!!

Santa on his sleigh? How about Santa on a scooter?

As we walked home from dropping off Caitlyn to school this morning…
Caleb: I want to add one more thing to my Christmas list for Santa.
Me: Yessss?
Caleb: I want some sticky Post-it notes with my name printed at the top. Orange Post-it notes. I hope the elves wrap it up in red and green paper because those are the Christmas colours.
Me: Hmmm… (only half-listening)
Caleb: But how will Santa or the elves make any paper? There don’t seem to be trees at the North Pole – only snow!
Me: Yes, that will be hard for Santa (thinking ‘Yay! I’ve been let off the hook on the orange Post-it notes’).
Caleb: Wait a minute… Santa can order it online!!

I think it’s important that my kids learn about the gift of giving around Christmas time. Giving to those who have little or nothing. And by this I do not mean re-gifting the kids’ toys from the stash of “unwanted birthday presents” but giving something shiny and new that would make the giftee squeal with joy.

So I am thrilled that Caleb’s pre-school has a Giving Tree where kids can donate gifts for the less fortunate. Caleb is super-excited about this and wants to contribute. To make things easier, I suggested he think up gift ideas for a five-year-old boy just like himself.

The suggestions flew thick and fast: books, a soccer ball, Lego, a set of matchbox cars, superhero stuff, a cuddly toy for bed-time…
He even gave me 10 cents from his “special hiding box”!
I guess we must be doing something right.

So tell me, how do you celebrate Christmas? What’s your take on Santa? Do you remember getting any prized possession from the jolly man in red when you were little? How old were you when you found out about Santa’s identity?

4 responses to “Caleb’s Santa ‘Clauses’

  1. Omg, rainbow magic books… we have near 100 of them!! Has Caitlyn been allowed on the website to design her own??

    I love how caleb thinks, and how you and he communicate. Magic.

    We are away skiing this xmas so i have to explain that!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Bec, I had no idea you could design your own Rainbow Magic fairy book! C has 3-4 sets of the books, but I stopped at that. She now borrows them from the library. Even we are going away for Xmas so Santa’s going to come a day earlier and explain this in a letter! Skiing sounds awesome!!


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