Crafty Christmas Tree

From an old magazine to this in less than one hour!

From an old magazine to this in less than one hour!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me…”

Right from the time I was a little girl, the first Sunday of Advent always meant one thing: putting up the Christmas decorations! I’ve upheld this tradition with my own family here in Sydney.

So on 30th November, we dusted off the big box of baubles and buntings for their annual show. C1 and C2 arranged and re-arranged the angels around the crib a zillion times! And our Christmas carol playlist on Spotify is growing every day.

But one thing was missing. No Christmas tree!
You see, since we’re going to be renovating next year, we have held off buying a proper tree. (Santa has been instructed to keep the pressies by the fireplace!)

The missing Christmas tree was irking me. Then good ol’ Pinterest revealled countless Christmassy creations I could craft. I zeroed in on this idea.

A Christmas tree centrepiece made from an old magazine. Very simple to make – even the kids can “help”! For me, it was therapeutic – all that paper folding encouraged me to relax and let the madness of the silly season fade into the tinsel. Best of all, it is a great upcycling project that didn’t cost a dime.

Take an old magazine and open it somewhere in the middle, flattening down the centre so as to “break” the spine. Now get set for a lot of paper folding!

First Fold:
Starting with the front cover of the magazine, fold the top right hand corner towards the spine to form a triangle. Repeat this for every single page.

Second Fold:
Coming back to your first page, fold the triangle once more towards the spine to form a thinner, longer triangle.
Repeat this for every single page as well.

Second fold

Second fold

Third Fold:
There will be a triangular bit sticking out at the bottom of each page. Fold this upwards and tuck it inside the big triangle to form a flat base.
As before, repeat this for every page.

Your pretty paper Christmas tree is now ready!
You can leave it as is or decorate it with beads, ribbon, glitter… I went for the glitter effect because my kids had some lying around in their craft box. I ran a glue stick down all the folds and then sprinkled this with glitter.

This homemade Christmas tree is now sitting very proudly at our dining table, entertaining us with her sparkling personality. 😉

So tell me, do you have a Christmas tree? Do you have a colour-scheme or theme in mind when you decorate it or do you let the kids express themselves? Are you on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list?


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