Hearty Valentine’s Day!

“Caitlyn, when’s Valentine’s Day?” I overheard Caleb ask the Big Sister a few nights ago. Hushed whispers ensued…
Ever since then, the two of them have been scurrying about, secretly cutting and pasting bits and bobs – and then squirrelling their creations away from my inquisitive eye. Too cute!

So I decided to surprise them with a few Valentine goodies of my own.
Since Valentine’s Day is falling on a Saturday, I’ve been putting these “hearty” munchies* into their school recess boxes.  
They’ve become a talking point with their classmates and the fruit is going down a treat. Best of all, they’re really simple to make – you just need a pinch of patience. Cross my heart.

*Disclaimer: I do not usually cookie cut my kids’ fruit into twee shapes – who has the time?!?

I ♥ Apples
You need know red apple, one green apple and a heart-shaped cookie cutter for this.
Slice the red apple close to the centre, taking care to avoid the core.
Press down on the apple, skin-side up, with your cookie cutter.
If your apple half is too thick, your cookie cutter may not be able to go right through.
Remove the heart-shaped bit of apple; it might take a bit of careful cajoling!
Your can squirt some lemon juice to stop the apple from oxidising (of course, I forgot!).
Do the same thing with your green apple.
Now comes the fun part. Insert the red heart into the green apple and the green heart into the red apple.
With this, you’re bound to become the apple of their eye! ♥

Eat Your Heart Out

Did you know that rockmelon is called cantaloupe in some countries like USA and mash melon in India?
To make these fruit skewers, cut your watermelon and rockmelon in 2cm-thick slices.
Use your cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes.
I found the best way to avoid wastage was to alternate the way I pressed the cookie cutter into the fruit (see pic below).

Thread hearts onto a bamboo skewer, alternating with the colours. Place a grape at the pointy end to avoid accidents!
They can even be frozen for a slurpy summer snack. ♥


My kids loved crafting these paper love hearts.
Take one-inch strips of paper, making sure you have two each of the same colour and size. For example:
2 red x 24cm
2 green x 18cm
2 purple x 12cm

Line them up in this order: First the two longest red strips in the centre, then the shorter green strips on either side of the red, and lastly the shortest purple on the outside of the green.
Hold all these together at the bottom.
First fold back the outermost purple strip over to loop at the bottom. Do this with the green and then the red. Repeat on the other side. Staple at the bottom and get set to wear your heart on your sleeve. ♥

So tell me, when you think of Valentine’s Day, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Are you doing anything special to rev up the romance? Do you believe in hearts and flowers or do you think it’s commercialisation gone crazy?

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