Ten New Words to Use Today

As a word nerd, I was eager to see which words made it to the latest update of OxfordDictionaries.com. This free online dictionary, (kidlet to its big daddy, the Oxford English Dictionary) adds popular lingo to its online database as words gain acceptance in everyday conversation.

As you know, most words and phrases start out as slang but slowly creep into everyday vocabulary: twerking (thanks, Miley!), humblebrag, cray-cray and YOLO don’t even get an eyebrow raise these days…


Some of the new entries like awesomesauce (excellent), bruh (short for brother; a male friend) and bantz (short for banter) made me realise my age. NBD (that’s No Big Deal, to you); I guess I don’t use teenspeak.

Then again, I’m partial to hangry and wine o’clock. Actually, I’m partial to any food-related word…

Here are ten words (from over a thousand) I thought I’d share with you:

Guess what? Anzac biscuit has finally made it to the list! I had no idea it wasn’t there already. Here are some other tasty treats:

Hangry: Hungry + angry = hangry. In a bad mood because you are starving. Okay, maybe not starving, but you could definitely do with a snack, okay?

cupcakes with two-coloured rose icing

Hangry? Let’s get thee to a cupcakery!

Cupcakery: A bakery that specialises in cupcakes. Enough said.

Fat-shame: Feel embarrassed and humiliated about your extra kilos (muffin top, perhaps?) due to somebody else’s comments.

Wine o’clock (or beer o’clock): An appropriate time in the day to start drinking wine. Or beer. Or spirits. Make sure your beer goggles are off!

Cat cafe: A place where people pay to play with cats housed on the premises. Customers can snack on some cake and coffee with a cat (or five) purring on their laps. Great for the cats as most come from animal shelters; great for cat lovers who can’t keep pets but crave a feline fix.

We were too hangry to listen to our boss’s drivel. I was about to suggest a trip to the local cupcakery to cheer us up, but didn’t want to be fat-shamed, so I suggested the new cat cafe instead. But my colleague won our vote when she said we should wait till it’s wine o’clock and drown our sorrows in a bottle of pinot…



butt dial

Oops! Just butt dialled the ex…


Predictably, many new additions are due to our obsession/dependence on technology.

Pocket dial (or its less formal cousin, butt dial): To call someone accidentally while your mobile is in the pocket of your jeans/jacket.

Onboarding: Introducing and integrating a new employee or customer with your services/products in a way that makes them ‘get it’ in a comfortable way.

Glanceable: Information (especially online stuff) that can be quickly and easily understood. Glanceable is related to Snackable: Online info that is designed to be read and digested fast and easily.

I was about to start an onboarding session with a new client when I realised I’d pocket dialled my bruh. Good thing though; he sent through some snackable data which added value to my presentation.

new words

And to end, a few male-related words since Fathers’ Day is around the corner. (I’m including all fathers here, hence the apostrophe after the S. Read more about it here.)

Dad bod: A guy whose body is not as buff as it once was, thanks to having kids (yes, blame the kids!). He works out a bit, but also has a beer belly – a bit.


Ad on a New York subway train. Image via MTA.

Manspreading: When a man sits with his legs spread wide apart, usually on public transport, making it uncomfortable for those sitting next to him.

Mansplaining: (last year’s entry) When a man explains something to somebody, usually a woman, but does so by talking down to her, assuming he knows much more about the topic than she does.

Perhaps I’m mansplaining here, but I sat next to this guy on the train whose legs were splayed wide apart, squashing me. Manspreading? You bet! And let’s just say, his paunch made me think he was taking liberties with his dad bod privileges.

To end, here’s a new term I’m most excited about:
Mx: A gender-neutral title for people who do not want to reveal their gender or for those who do not conform to a male or female gender. Caitlyn Jenner springs to mind. I think Mx should be added on to every form you fill, alongside Mr, Miss, Mrs. and Ms.

Mx title

Ticks all the boxes!

So tell me, do you get modern lingo? Which of these words do you use regularly? Just for fun, use a few of these new words in a sentence in the comments below. Go on! 


7 responses to “Ten New Words to Use Today

    • Fascinating (if not depressing) read. Why the need to cull so many beautiful words from nature is beyond me. Don’t our kids deserve to know about across acorns and dandelions? But on the bright side, you have people like the author who unearth beautiful gems. My favourite word in the essay was Ammil: “a Devon term for the thin film of ice that lacquers all leaves, twigs and grass blades when a freeze follows a partial thaw, and that in sunlight can cause a whole landscape to glitter.” How poetic!


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