When Your Butter is Frozen

Here’s a quick Tuesday Tip for you…

You’ve decided to bake a cake or some cookies – but the butter is in the freezer, rock hard. Happens to me all the time. And yesterday was no different.

I had the oven on, busy doing a slow cooked dinner. Now I don’t know about you, but whenever I turn on the oven, I like to get as much baking done as possible. So I wanted to also bake a lasagne, a batch of sausage rolls and a raspberry coconut slice.

Only thing is, the slice called for some butter. Oh, I had plenty of butter – all in the freezer.

And then I remembered this tip I’d seen on TV.

grated butter

The grater is greater…

I grated the butter using a box grater (like you would a block of cheese). The flakes of grated butter softened in no time and was perfect for creaming with the sugar. The slice was ready in time for afternoon tea.

Super quick. Super easy. Super handy.

Added this bit below after my friend Vandana commented on Facebook page: “Could also have melted it in a microwave… quick and easy.”
The thing is, I have melted butter in a micro all too often. But I prefer the grated butter method.

In a micro, you have to be careful – or half of the butter will become a puddly mess, while the other half will still stay solid. The trick is to soften the butter – not melt it completely. If you’re using a microwave, do this on a low power setting, in short bursts of 10-20 seconds. And cut the butter in even cubes for uniform heating.

In my opinion, melted butter gives your cakes/biscuits/pie crusts a different texture compared to softened butter. Must have something to do with altering the molecular structure of the butter, me thinks…

Butter: do you love it or does it scare you? Have you got a handy food tip you’d like to share? 


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