The Garland of Shame

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: C1 and C2 are like the proverbial chalk and cheese. C1 is an easy-going girl with a smile on her dial; C2 usually wakes up with his scratchy pants on.

A few days ago, he was being – how should I put this politely? – a pest.
Whinging and whining. Grumbling and groaning. Being Mister Drama King.
I tried reasoning with him, ignoring him, shouting at him, punishing him. He continued with his “It’s-all-about-me” attitude.

C1, who had been watching his behaviour deteriorate through the day, finally had enough.
She went up to him with an imaginary lei and declared sweetly, “For your excellent behaviour today, I award you this Garland of Shame.”
Stunned silence.
And then we all burst out laughing. Tension defused.
Even C2 was quick to admit, “That’s a good one!”

So that’s our new parenting tool in the Rodericks’ residence: the Garland of Shame. A funny, awesome way to keep bad behaviour at bay.

Are your kids poles apart from each other? Were you very different from your siblings? How do you deal with a stubborn child?


6 responses to “The Garland of Shame

  1. Sounds like C1 and C2 and just like my two. While I am glad C1’s garland of shame was received with good humour by C2, I’m afraid my Miss 6 would be a lot less gracious 😦

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  2. Interesting article Alison! Family relationships are complex. Typically the eldest is the compliant achiever and the second needs to be the rebel to stand out. He needs lots of reinforcement for good behaviour to reverse the trend. Love your family’s sense of humour. Hopefully C2 will be getting lots of “garlands of honour” in the future. From my experience you learn most from the most difficult child about yourself.

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